Art and Sculpture

How artists and designers are using metals today and how long this apparently modern trend has been going on for.

Richard Serra: Experiencing Steel and Architecture at Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum, Spain

Gracia Ramírez explains how Richard Serra´s Cor-ten steel sculptures revitalise the experience of the built environment through play with negative space and the counterbalancing of heavy-weight metal structures.

The gargantuan stainless steel memorial to the legendary Mongolian leader Genghis Khan

Richard Storer-Adam gives an overview of the imposing statue built to commemorate the famous warrior and observes how the process of Physical Vapor Deposition has been incorporated into the design.

An overview of three families of works by Catalan sculptor Jaume Plensa, b.1955

Antonio Moll reviews these pieces which, employing light, play with the representation of human heads and alphabetic letters and are created from steel, aluminium, wire mesh, glass and snow.

A journey to visit the The Sun Voyager sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason in Reykjavík, Iceland

Richard Storer-Adam takes us on a trip to visit, admire and understand this ethereal and haunting Viking sculpture in polished stainless steel.

Curtis Jere – the partnership between Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels, creating art from a heavenly mix of metals

Richard Storer-Adam looks at some of the spectacular artworks and innovative techniques creating pieces which are still sought-after today as iconic mid-century modern art.

The Architect

A poem by Richard Storer-Adam on the agony of the late night designing process for an architect.

Looking at the sculptures of Beverly Pepper created in stainless steel, enamel and Cor-ten steel.

Richard Storer-Adam look at this original sculptor’s life and work in cutting, bending and shaping steel, stone and iron and selects some of his favourite pieces such as “Exodus” created in 1972 and formed from stainless steel.

Made from Junk - A collation of modern sculptures, furniture and lighting made from recycled materials

Richard Storer-Adam examines the work of six, frequently controversial, artists who use unlikely and discarded materials for the basis of their work.

The history of the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York, United States

Richard Storer-Adam gives a history of this world-famous copper statue and its designers, including Gustave Eiffel (with a footnote on how it would not have gone green if it had been made from PVD colored stainless steel).

A review of two sculptures by Joana Vasconcelos, “Pavilion de Thé” in wrought-iron and “Marilyn” compiled of stainless steel saucepans and lids

Richard Storer-Adam gives us an in-depth look at two of the vivid and interpretive works of this modern sculptor working in quotidian metals and materials and how they comment on our lives today, especially those of women.

The Chinese Imperial Water Dragon by Kevin Stone, sculptor in polished stainless steel

Richard Storer-Adam looks at the methodology of this Canadian fabricator and welder who became an artist creating gigantic metal sculptures cutting and grinding each of the hundreds of highly reflective components himself.

A review of the work of Naum Gabo, sculptor of the famous and haunting Constructed Head no 2 in galvanised iron sheet

Richard Storer-Adam looks at the work of the Russian sculptor who coined the term Constructivism and created art works in the material that was the pre-runner of Corten steel.

Koons’ Balloon Dog Orange – sculpture created in high-chromium stainless steel

Looking at Jeff Koons striking and unforgettable sculptures based on popular culture and released as part of his “Celebration” series 1993.

Cloud Gate - a polished stainless steel sculpture inspired by a drop of mercury taking centre stage in the city

Richard-Storer Adam takes us on a visit to marvel at British artist Anish Kapoor’s mesmerising bean- shaped mirrored stainless steel installation in the AT&T Plaza, Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois.

The Atomium 1958, Brussels , Avenue de l'Atomium, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium, 102 meters by André Waterkeyn. Engineering consultants Beckers, Joukoff and Daniel, Architects A. and J. Polak

Richard Storer-Adam examines the background of this sculpture, by Belgian engineer, André Waterkeyn, based on the form of an iron crystal magnified 160 billion times.

Metropol Parasol, part of the redevelopment of Plaza de la Encarnacion, Seville, Spain

We take a visit to this triumphant installation created from glued Kerto-Q LVL timber material arranged to an orthogonal grid and rising to 28 metres in height.